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Listing Your Home? Don't Stress Out.

Ask just about anyone to think about selling their home and watch their reaction. Chances are that they will begin the mental checklist of all things they would need to do before their home would be ready to list. But in today’s hot seller’s market buyers are willing to overlook cosmetic issues and smaller details that a homeowner might see. The best bet, if you are even considering a move, is to talk with a real estate agent who will come to your home and review what will give you the most return on investment.

A real estate agent is going to let you know how long homes in your price range and neighborhood are on the market, how much you should expect to sell for, create a plan for offers over asking, negotiate with the buyers’ agents to maximize your profit, and guide you throughout the process. Depending on what area you live, homes are receiving multiple offers in the first 48 hours on the market. Not all areas are the same, but today's market is a seller's market. If you have been considering a move, there has not been a better time to sell than right now.

If you need a experienced real estate agent with strong negotiating skills, I'll be happy to help! Text or call me for details(214)529-6188. Agnes Casanova, MBA - Bilingual Realtor at Fathom Realty.

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